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Question by answer me!!: question about Massachusetts?
I have always wanted to live near the mountains….. MA always been on my list because I have family living near Boston.. I found the mountins in cities Adams, North Adams, Williamstown, Cheshire, New Ashford and Lanesborough. How is the job market there? people? are they racist because my hubby is black??? Is it far from boston? We are in IT/computer and engineering fields… are we gona be able to find any job?? any info will help..thank you..(P.s. I love outdoors, rivers, mountains, if not those cities, what are some amazing cities to live in MA that meet the requirements of the questions i asked). thanks

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Answer by Melissa E
That’s a very beautiful area.Unfortunately the employment situation in Massachusetts is no better than elsewhere and hi tech in the western portion of the state is somewhat sparse. So you may encounter difficulty in finding suitable employment. What industry there is in the Western part of the state tends to be in the Springfield area and to a much lesser extent in the Pittsfield area. Racism in Massachusetts is pretty much a non-issue except for a few idiots here and there. You might want to consider taking a week or two worth of vacation time and visit the area to get an idea of the employers in the area and where they are located so that you can decide which of them you may wish to target for positions. I would say that North Adams is a good 3 Hour drive from Boston especially as route #2 is a two-lane rural road until just West of Gardner.

Truth be told I would love to live in that area. Good luck!

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  1. Geology Rock Star on July 3, 2011 at 7:55 am

    That area is very rural, and the economy in Berkshire county is not so good

    A job in the Computer, engineering field, you want to live closer to the city

  2. Kman on July 3, 2011 at 8:30 am

    All of the IT and engineering in Massachusetts is in the city of Boston and along the I-95 corridor. There’s a lot of tech jobs in Boston, but they’re almost nonexistent in Western Massachusetts.

    Williamstown, North Adams, etc are a 2 hour drive from Boston without traffic. It’s not commuting distance, but it’s an easy weekend trip in the summer.

    I won’t say that the people there are racist – but it’s NOT a diverse area, and you do see more than a few hicks.

    You may also enjoy New Hampshire near Lake Winnipesaukee – but it’s the same distance to Boston with the same drawbacks as Western MA.

    Your best bet would be someplace between the 95 and 495 belts. It would be a reasonable commute and still suburban enough that you could enjoy the outdoors – and not too bad a drive to the mountains.

    If you’re hoping for something like Denver – where you can work IT for good money and hit the mountains and snowboard after work – no such luck. Boston is too urban to have both at the same time.

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